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Supermama, a boutique retail store in Singapore, is helping to build bridges between Singapore and Japan through an exchange of ideas on design and craft. It works closely with art and design studios in Singapore to come up with meaningful designs for contemporary giftware that showcase Singapore’s unique culture. Traditional craftsmen in Japan then make these into products ranging from socks to ceramic plates to drinking glasses.

One of its most notable collaborators is Kihara, a Japanese ceramic brand with 400 years of porcelain-making experience. The very first collection that Supermama and Kihara worked on together was Singapore Icons — a series of porcelain ware featuring Singaporean motifs such as the Tembusu tree (above left) and the national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim. It was a runaway hit and won the Design of the Year at the President’s Design Award , the country’s most prestigious design accolade, in 2013.

The main photo shows the process of printing Tembusu tree motifs on a plate at Kihara’s facilities in Japan. Their partnership is still going strong to this day as they continue to create iconic pieces that represent different aspects of Singapore’s culture, including One Singapore (above right), which features 65 Singapore icons such as performing arts centre Esplanade and Changi Airport.



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