Are Singaporeans Emotionless?


“We’re so caught up in the rat race! Appearing emotionless in some circumstances acts like a facade of our true emotions. It keeps us cool and nonchalant when dealing with people and getting things done.”

 Sue Anne Kuek

 “The Gallup survey that said Singaporeans were emotionless asked all the wrong questions. Silly survey!”

 Derek Lau

 “Singaporeans seem more ungracious than emotionless. It probably has something to do with the competitive ‘first-come-first-served’ culture among the people. Sad. ”

 Denise Lau

 “But they have emoticons…”

 Pauline Graf

 “The older Singaporeans may not express their emotions but it does not mean they don’t feel any. The younger ones don’t have that problem.”

 YE Chee

 “Unemotional? But we’re a nation of complainers!”

 Lee Siew Khim

 “How can a country that makes me feel so welcome be emotionless?”

 Zeina Hamid

 “Some of us have become good at hiding how we really feel because it can be time-consuming.”

 Jill Sara

 “It depends. Singaporeans are not able to show their empathetic side perhaps because of the situation they are in or they have been taught not to show their weaker side.”

 Karen Chang

 “I don’t think Singaporeans are emotionless! It’s more because we don’t know how to express  ourselves well.”

 Mendis Tan



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