Can Singaporeans Handle Failure?

“Bad question. Fail.”

 Ravi Samuel

  “We fail to handle failure, and are very angry about it.”

Samuel Seow

 “Asians generally believe it is a loss of face to admit failure. Personally I subscribe to the notion that it is not whether we succeed or fail but that we should try to the best of our ability.”

 Gilbert Louis

 “The question should be ‘can we create an environment where freedom to fail is celebrated as an essential step in personal growth?’”

 Chris Jensen

 “There seems to be a growing impatience towards failure among the young. Our society exalts success and cringes at failure. Sometimes it is good to learn the hard way.”

 Eugene Goh

 “Most Singaporeans cannot take failure. We’ve been separated into ‘good’, ‘ok’ and ‘bad’ since primary school. The stigma attached may cause an individual to believe that he/she is destined to succeed or fail in life.”

 Cai Bingyu

 “Our kiasu (afraid to fail) Singaporean spirit has moulded us to be kiasee (scared to die) in everything we do and stay in our small  comfort zone.”

 Peace He Ping

 “Maybe the older generation who went  through hardship can handle failure but as for the pampered new generation, keep your fingers crossed.”

 John Tay

 “Ya! Die, die, we want to succeed. When fail, try again, lor. We’ve overcome many odds but we’re too shy to say we can handle failure. A bit more courage will do us good!”

 Ibnur M Rashad

 “Yes, though degree of graciousness varies.”

 Jaclyn Jiang

 “Of course we can, just not exams. ;)

 Eddie Choo Shiqin

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