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The Good Story Competition organised by Our Better World — highlights social causes and the passionate people behind them while giving filmmakers a platform to channel their skills towards a worthy cause.

By Krystal Foo


oving images make for moving statements.
Months of filmmaking, audience voting and judging, culminated in a celebration of creative and compelling video storytelling on 14 May this year, when the finalists and winners of The Good Story Competition were announced.

Created to bring together filmmakers and ordinary people who put in extraordinary efforts towards doing good, the competition was organised by Our Better World, a digital initiative of the Singapore International Foundation, which aims to unearth, inspire and encourage stories of everyday people doing good in Asia.

Held at the National Museum of Singapore’s Gallery Theatre, The Good Story Competition Awards ceremony saw two winners selected from a total of 132 entries submitted by filmmakers of 27 different nationalities and stories told about causes in 18 countries across Asia.

The entries told a mixed bag of stories, ranging from a film about a foot spa business run by the visually impaired, to another about young people who teach street kids through graffiti and street art. There was even a film about fitness enthusiasts engaging the elderly in zumba exercises— a testament to how there are countless ways to improve the lives of others.

Singapore-based Filipino film maker Paul David Sarabia took home the top prize in the professional category with his film entitled From Trash to Treasure. “It’s a story about a man whose life is transformed when two child beggars in India turn down his offer of money and instead ask that he help a dying baby left by the road side.” This was the catalyst for the formation of the School of Transformation in Chennai, which gives the lowest caste of children in India the highest standard of education in order to provide them a better future.

In the open category, Mithran P. from India won the top prize with his film, Unknown Faces, a powerful silent film that shares the inspiring story of St Joseph’s Hospice, a charitable organisation in Tamil Nadu that picks up the destitute from roads, gutters and pavements and provides them with shelter, medical assistance and even manages their last rites when they die.

The films shortlisted for the finals, were screened to an audience of about 200 at the ceremony.

The finalists and winners not only won cash prizes but also won equal amounts for the causes they told stories about. For example, the winner of the open category won $4,000 cash for himself and another $4,000 for the St. Joseph’s Hospice.

The audience, as well as online viewers of Our Better World, were also shown how they could volunteer, partner or donate to help the featured causes.

Check out the finalists and winners of The Good Story Competition and help their causes at:





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