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he Singapore Narrative. One that speaks volumes. This issue, we take a look back to FOCUS on our Singapore Stories. This is not a tale just about our rise from a third to first world city, but one of a unique and rich culture built and enriched by the experiences and contributions of our countrymen and women.

We celebrate the values displayed by our pioneers in overcoming the odds. It is through their hands that this nation has blossomed, allowing us, the succeeding generation, to enjoy the gift of moder-day Singapore. In this issue, we will read about the sons and daughters of Singapore’s literary arts scene and how their works have been translated into different languages and even used as textbooks in schools. Many of their Singapore stories tell tales of a time gone by, creating a resource of classics for younger generations, to ensure that the past is not forgotten.

Individuals also share with us how they strive to preserve the rich cultural heritage present here. Be inspired by the story of Alvin Yapp, whose simple pursuit of his Peranakan heritage and cultural identity 25 years ago led to the setting up of Singapore’s first and only private home museum in Joo Chiat. The museum bagged the ‘Best Overall Experience’ in the inaugural Museum Roundtable Awards, Singapore’s first national accolade dedicated to celebrating shining expamples of museum excellence. Elsewhere, we hear from restaurateurs in the role immigrants have played in defining our hawkerr and heritage food, and how our uniquely Singaporean dishes continue to evolve to this day. Our food is a daily reminder that Singapore is indeed a melting pot of cultures.


We also hear Singapore’s Ambassador-At-Large Professor Tommy Koh’s views on being a responsible global citizen, and how every Singaporean is, in a sense an “ambassador” of the country.

I hope the stories in this issue of Singapore magazine remind us all of how things can be achieved with the right attitude, and mindset. Carpe diem!



The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) brings world communities together to do good. We do it in many ways, from sending teams of Singapore volunteers into developing communities to share relevant skills, to organising exchange programmes to build greater cultural understanding amongst diverse communities. This means sharing ideas, skills and experiences, and in the process, building relationships between Singaporeans and the world and harnessing these friendships to make a positive difference.

SINGAPORE, a quarterly publication of SIF, is one of the ways we help build a better understanding of our country with the international community. Here is where we share stories, anecdotes and insights about the heart and soul of our country and its people, and turn the spotlight on a Singapore that is not immediately evident.

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