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Jean Tan
Executive Director



s we reflect on the first quarter of 2018 and contemplate how we might do better in the next nine months, have you considered the many different ways in which you might contribute to building a better world? Specifically in fostering better international understanding between communities and contributing to global development. Especially in a year when Singapore as ASEAN chairman seeks to strengthen ASEAN people’s connectivity and resilience.

Opening this issue is a discussion with Simon Tay of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He talks about Singapore’s place in the ASEAN community and of regional collaborations to address transboundary environmental challenges. Global strategist Parag Khanna who coined the term “connectivity revolution”, envisions a global future shaped more by connectivity than by geographical or political boundaries. Find out why he’s passionate about helping other countries become more like Singapore.

Meet Michael Tay, Singapore’s former ambassador to Russia. He shares how his love for music and personal friendships played a part in improving relations between the two countries. Michael Vatikiotis, Asia regional director at the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, comments on how Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and a great place from which to observe the rest of the world.

Ordinary Singaporeans have also been coming up with ways to make life better for others around them. The minds behind the Enabling Village champion inclusivity. Offering facilities and services that promote interaction and engagement between persons of different abilities, the Village is a bold social innovation to build a more inclusive Singapore and world. Further afar, two young entrepreneurs are making affordable protein more accessible, and providing sustainable livelihoods, to communities in Cambodia and Rwanda. We also spotlight several inspiring volunteers with big hearts, who are making a significant difference in communities both here and overseas.

More than just the gratification that comes from positive contribution, the wonderful thing about reaching out and helping others is that we inevitably form connections with them, creating and sustaining new communities of social impact. I hope you will enjoy reading about the people and projects of good in this issue and be inspired to also contribute in meaningful ways.



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