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Jean Tan
Executive Director



t is with mixed feelings that we bid farewell to Mr S R Nathan, our former patron and President of Singapore, who passed away on Aug 22. As SIF’s patron from 2001 to 2011, Mr Nathan championed our work in bringing world communities together to uplift lives and effect positive change. He was much loved by our staff and volunteers.

The same week that we marked SIF’s silver jubilee, we also celebrated his lifelong dedication to Singapore and its people. We will always be grateful and indebted to him for his guidance and warm friendship. He has inspired us all with his sincerity and passion for connecting with the common people, as well as his commitment to improve their lives through his various charitable initiatives and activities.

At SIF, we believe that the possibilities are endless when we harness the power of networks to enrich lives and effect change. To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we celebrated “The Magic of Connections” with our Singaporean Citizen Ambassadors, international Friends of Singapore and partners. In this spirit, we continue striving to build positive and productive connections between peoples.

One of the ways in which we connect Singaporeans and world communities is through arts and culture. We launched our Arts For Good initiative earlier this year to connect local artists with their international counterparts. We hope that this collaborative effort will spark something greater and encourage more communities around the world to work on initiatives for positive social change.

I am heartened that we are not alone in this. In this issue, we share stories of Singaporeans, social enterprises and non-profit organisations bringing different communities together to collaborate for positive change. They have formed strong bonds with local communities around the world and contributed to bettering international understanding.

One of these features is on Mr Ong Keng Yong, who is SIF Chairman and Singapore’s Ambassador-at-Large. He works relentlessly to foster better understanding between different people and to encourage collective contributions for the greater good.

We hope you will continue to support our work and join us in building a better world for all.



The Singapore International Foundation makes friends for a better world.

We build enduring relationships between Singaporeans and world communities, and harness these friendships to enrich lives and effect positive change.

Our work is anchored in the belief that cross-cultural interactions provide insights that strengthen understanding. These exchanges inspire action and enable collaborations for good.

Our programmes bring people together to share ideas, skills and experiences in areas such as health care, education, the environment, arts and culture, as well as livelihood and business.

We do this because we believe we all can, and should, do our part to build a better world, one we envision as peaceful, inclusive and offering opportunities for all.

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