Editor's Note Jan-Mar 2015


elen Keller, the hearing- and visually-impaired American author and political activist, once said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

In this issue, we FOCUS on how the power of the arts connects communities across diverse cultures to promote cross-cultural understanding, forge friendships and enable meaningful collaborations to champion worthwhile causes for positive change.

In this issue, we celebrate the power of partnerships. And how we might harness its potential to enrich live and effect positive change.

We FOCUS on a decade of business exchanges between the Chinese and Singaporeans. Living and working in each other’s city, they gained fresh insights, experiences and a new appreciation for each other’s country and people. Beyond the professional ties forged, a lifetime of friendships were seeded. Friendships that have already inspired some to collaborate in community projects, giving back to their host community.

In FOCUS too, is the spirit of cooperation that has enabled musicians from Indonesia and Singapore to overcome language and cultural barriers to create new works. Enriching lives with a new understanding of cultures as they join hands to stage concerts featuring Chinese instruments and the angklung, a traditional Indonesian percussion instrument.

We celebrate the diversity and global reach of Singapore’s culture with DiverseCity — a biennial cultural relations showcase. Discover our citizen ambassadors in action as they interact with communities beyond our borders to promote greater awareness and understanding between Singaporeans and world communities.

We also turn the spotlight on a collaboration for social good — between voluntary welfare organisations in Singapore and Theater HORA, a theatre company in Switzerland. They helped special needs youths turn their dreams into reality with a stage performance at the Singapore International Festival of the Arts.

And certainly not to be missed is our exclusive interview with one of Singapore’s former Presidents. S.R. Nathan reflects on Singapore’s heart and soul and the role citizens can play in building a responsible global community.

We hope you will be inspired by these stories and one day, in the not too distant future, join us as a ‘partner
for good’.









The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) brings world communities together to do good. We do it in many ways, from sending teams of Singapore volunteers into developing communities to share relevant skills, to organising exchange programmes to build greater cultural understanding amongst diverse communities. This means sharing ideas, skills and experiences, and in the process, building relationships between Singaporeans and the world and harnessing these friendships to make a positive difference.

SINGAPORE, a quarterly publication of SIF, is one of the ways we help build a better understanding of our country with the international community. Here is where we share stories, anecdotes and insights about the heart and soul of our country and its people, and turn the spotlight on a Singapore that is not immediately evident.

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