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ne of my favourite things about Singapore is its unique blend of cultures, comprising a diversity of races, religions, languages and traditions. I believe it is this ability to accept differences that is the key to the country’s success. And it is something that we should continue to nurture.

In this issue, we highlight five Singaporeans who have adapted to different cultures and broken down boundaries between people around the world. Cultural Medallion winner and painter Chua Mia Tee draws on his artistic talent to relate the stories of our shores to both local and global audiences. Similarly, designer and illustrator Clara Yee makes use of her creativity to connect people across borders.

In Kenya, Nicholas Leong has built a professional cycling team to help Kenyan athletes break into a sport that has long been dominated by Europeans, while opening up employment and educational opportunities for the local community. Although based in the United States, social entrepreneur Gouri Mirpuri continues to make a difference to the lives of young people in Indonesia, while Tan Chade-Meng quit his job at Google so that he could focus his energies on teaching compassion and encouraging more people to work together towards making the world a better place.

Organisations in Singapore are also leveraging the country’s propensity to connect with others to enable collaborations in various fields. The National Museum of Singapore and the National Gallery Singapore are two cultural institutions that have tapped their network of the world’s leading museums and galleries to promote international understanding through the sharing of art and cultural artefacts. Social enterprise Backstreet Academy provides disadvantaged communities the chance to benefit from the global tourism industry by linking them with travellers looking for authentic cultural experiences. This constant striving to bridge the divide between people is what makes Singapore tick, while providing opportunities for positive change.

Be inspired as we invite you to discover SINGAPORE with us.



The Singapore International Foundation makes friends for a better world.

We build enduring relationships between Singaporeans and world communities, and harness these friendships to enrich lives and effect positive change.

Our work is anchored in the belief that cross-cultural interactions provide insights that strengthen understanding. These exchanges inspire action and enable collaborations for good.

Our programmes bring people together to share ideas, skills and experiences in areas such as health care, education, the environment, arts and culture, as well as livelihood and business.

We do this because we believe we all can, and should, do our part to build a better world, one we envision as peaceful, inclusive and offering opportunities for all.

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