Fashioning the Future

WoonHung is a Singapore-based design studio built on the values of renewability and sustainability. Founded in 2004 by Yvonne Chia, a visual merchandiser-turned-jewellery designer, it supports cottage industries and traditional craft. WoonHung engages skilled craftsmen in Cebu in the Philippines to handmake its jewellery, giving them a livelihood. The versatile jewellery pieces are made using sustainable materials, such as wood harvested from branches (instead of whole trees) and coconut shells.

Chia’s relationship with the craftsmen started in 2009 when she attended a trade show in Cebu to look into the trend of using sustainable materials for the fashion industry. She saw great potential in harnessing the traditional skills and creativity of its artisan community, and using local resources to create products that celebrate their craftsmanship and heritage.

She says that working with the craftsmen have made her rethink her ideas on retail and consumption. She adds: “They share with me how they operate their businesses ethically and in a socially responsible way, as well as the value of sustainability. They embrace these values as a way of life.”

The design studio is also committed to zero waste. This means it takes into account how it can maximise the potential of the raw materials so that they last a long time, while still maintaining their natural beauty.

The jewellery collection is sold online as well as at stores in Singapore.

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