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Kampung Kampus is a new 26,000 sq m community space where people can take part in educational “kampung style” activities like woodcrafting, tending to crops, and making mud bricks for simple construction projects.



pened on Feb 18, 2017 on the site of the former Bottle Tree Park in Khatib, Kampung Kampus is run by WOW Kampung, the education arm of local non-profit Ground-Up Initiative (GUI), with the aim to encourage more Singaporeans to participate in environmental and social projects, and to shape a more sustainable and purposeful way of living for society. The space will host a variety of fun learning and leadership programmes for schools, corporations, and other organisations based on GUI’s “5G” philosophy of nurturing a society that is Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, and Grateful.

The February opening was the first of three developmental phases. Construction of the second and third phases of Kampung Kampus is expected to start in 2018, and will involve the building of spaces like a bamboo gallery and kampung-style huts.

Current activities on offer at Kampung Kampus include school and corporate programmes that focus on character development; participants engage in hands-on learning in the green environment to engage their senses for enhanced learning, and volunteers also help tend to 1,400 sq m of arable land on which a variety of pesticide-free organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown. The stream that runs through the property has also proven to be a valuable educational tool.

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