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Photographer for Humanity (see story here), Thomas Tham, has spent considerable time and effort highlighting children and their contributions to society and the world-atlarge through his evocative images. Here, he captures the energetic community spirit of Singaporean children at play.


Tech for a Better Tomorrow

The medical industry in Singapore is making remarkable inroads in innovative and creative thinking that provides care and solutions to a wide range of patients.

The Games We Play

Social enterprises are using modern technology to teach the young and tech-savvy on issues such as financial literacy and disaster relief.

A view to a change

Digital photography is harnessed to do good, as several photographers dedicate their time, skills and equipment to tell a story with a thousand images.


Two Directions

Children’s librarian, Zulkifli Bin Amin learns that he is a beneficiary too, when volunteering.

Acting on Time

Inculcating the habit of punctuality in students has been the rallying call of Quah Yalin.

With Head And Heart

Dr Priyadarshani Kamat’s own personal experiences lead her to help cancer-stricken patients.

Follow Your Heart

Alvin Lee gives a more profound meaning to building sandcastles.


Embracing our Past, Shaping the Future

Singapore’s last kampung, Pulau Ubin, moves towards sustainable energy future for Singapore with new electricity micro grids.


The Pacesetter

First woman supreme court judge of Singapore, Justice Lai Siu Chiu chats about the challenges, and her own personal involvement with charities.


Across the Valley of the Moon

A group of multinational friends come together to push their personal physical limits to raise funds.

Kampung Play

A dynamic programme to promote family and community bonding using traditional games updated with a twist.


Doctor To Doctor

Medical professionals work together in Laos to lower infant and child mortality rates.

Labour of Love

Volunteer doctors from Singapore spend time in Chennai to enhance newborn services there.

Goodwill Building

Friendships become stronger as a group of three make their way to China to assist in disaster relief efforts.


Affinity For Art

Two artists: Singaporean artist-architect Randy Chan, and UK artist Philippa Lawrence, show how art can build friendships and deepen cross-cultural understanding.


The Mad Singaporean

Iconic Dick Lee’s incredible journey through Singapore’s music and pop culture mirrors his personal growth and development as an artist and entrepreneur.


Green Thumbs Up

Land scarce Singapore sees our chefs finding new ways to grow fresh, organic produce for their kitchens.


Does the kampung (village) spirit really have a place in the 21st century?

The kampung spirit is alive and thriving among my neighbours in my HDB block in Toa Payoh. When my father was alive and spent most part of the day alone, our two immediate neighbours would always make it a point to chat and share cakes and fruits wi

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2019 . Issue 3

2019 . ISSUE 3

Expect the Unexpected

2019 . Issue 2

2019 . ISSUE 2

Traversing Time

2019 . Issue 1

2019 . ISSUE 1

Concrete dreams.

2018 . Issue 2

2018 . ISSUE 2

Let there be night.

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