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Singaporean graffiti artist Mohammad Azlan Ramlan, better known as Ceno2,creates artworks that blur the line between fine art and graffiti. Through his detailed spray paintings, he aims to change people’s traditional views about art, connect people and uplift communities.
A Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate, Ceno2 draws inspiration from classical painters, such as Rembrandt and Michelangelo, and has developed his own style of graffiti, which he calls Graffiti Fine Art. His artworks can be found in Chicago, New York and London. Commercial entities and organisations in Singapore have also commissioned his work. The Singapore International Foundation commissioned him to create a piece for its DiverseCity showcase in 2012 to celebrate the breadth and global reach of Singapore art as well as the collaborations and friendships between local and global artists.
To bring people together, he makes sure that his work is relevant to the history of the area. When he worked with students and staff from the Anglo-Chinese Schools (a family of Methodist schools in Singapore and Indonesia) on a mural project at Amoy Street Food Centre, he decided on the image of a samsui woman (on the cover) as a tribute to the contributions of samsui women towards building Singapore. Samsui women were Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore in the mid-1930s to work as construction workers. The mural was part of the schools’ celebrations for Singapore’s 50th birthday last year.

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