• SGmag-Issue-1-2020-329
    2020 • Issue 1
    Hidden Gems
    A stroll through Pearl’s Hill City Park, an overlooked oasis in Chinatown, covers Singapore’s history, starting from its pre-war era.
  • SGmag-Issue-1-2020-19
    2020 • Issue 1
    Flip Side
    Dr Judith Swain, who is credited with helping to develop Singapore’s nascent biomedical science industry in the 2000s, distils the success of its long-term vision.
  • SGmag-Issue-1-2020-2
    2020 • Issue 1
    On the Cover
    A timber terrace laid over the courtyard is, in fact, an open-air amphitheatre integrated with ramps for wheelchair users.
  • SGmag-Issue-1-2020-323
    2020 • Issue 1
    Our Better World
    Indian nature lover Pradeep Sangwan is determined to keep the Himalayas pristine by ridding it of garbage.