• 16-Citizen-Amb-Sherry-Soon-R1-1
    2020 • Issue 2
    Citizen Ambassador
    Through her non-profit and artistic endeavours, Sherry Soon works relentlessly to create awareness about unseen and lesser-known disabilities.
  • 21-Flipside-Jim-Rogers-R1-1
    2020 • Issue 2
    Flip Side
    American investor Jim Rogers finds the best of East and West in Singapore’s multicultural composition.
  • 28-CE-ITI
    2020 • Issue 2
    Cultural Exchange
    The Intercultural Theatre Institute trains actors in contemporary theatre while providing insights into diverse languages and cultures.
  • 34-GB-Daung-Capital
    2020 • Issue 2
    Good Business
    A trip to Myanmar inspired Singaporean entrepreneur Leon Qiu to start an accessible credit programme for its underserved communities.