• The Merits of Multilateralism-1
    2021 • Issue 2
    Big Ideas
    The global fight against Covid-19 has brought nations together with one shared objective – vaccinating their populations.
  • SGmag-Issue-1-2020-3
    2021 • Issue 2
  • Custodians of Culture
    2021 • Issue 2
    10 Questions
    Singaporean Yeo Kirk Siang’s appointment to UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage evaluation committee not only puts the spotlight on the Lion City’s multiculturalism but also helps it learn from global experts.
  • Turning Tables-1
    2021 • Issue 2
    Singaporean Kenneth Foong, who is the first Asia-born chef to helm the acclaimed restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, says food helps frame both our commonality and unique identities.