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2013 • Issue 3

Are we really communicating?


The world gets smaller every day. Strangers become friends and friends become even closer. Sending and receiving emoticons through text or a chat on a mobile device is as close as the real thing — and not to mention at lightning speed!

Gep Riego

Yes, but we’re losing the art of human, person-to-person interaction.

Amita Sarwal

It sometimes bothers me that friends can go out together yet all be preoccupied on their smart phones…. real communication has definitely gone down a bit.

Eugene Goh

Talking over the phone or in person feels like communication. Correspondence over digital means doesn’t feel like communication; it feels like a waste of time.

Zheng Yuepeng

Instant texting makes it easy to connect with everyone around the world.

Vincent Ng

Yes. But nothing beats a face-to-face chat, especially when you are talking to your kids.

Mohd Fadhil

I question…communication which can bring together people from opposite sides of the globe but end up distancing people sitting beside each other.

Siddharth Rajgopalan

Yes…but there is an over-reliance on gadgets and Internet media that hampers natural and basic human-to-human communication that is disconnecting…society.

Joakim Bergenwall

What difference does it make if I text my wife or son or catch up with a friend via Facebook? Technology provides more ways of staying connected — easier and painless too!

Ben Tan

I’ll be five minutes late’ is also communicating. Instant communication may not be conducive for deep exchanges, but it facilitates the more mundane interaction, which is pretty important too.

Susan Tsang


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