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2012 • Issue 2

Do Singaporean’s have a sense of humour?

“Even when they don’t show a sense of humour, their reactions to anything is generally hilarious: ‘Haiyahhh! So swayyyahhhh!’ Only Singaporeans get Singaporean humour ‘cos it’s a mix of all our languages, like ‘rojak’.”

Dharshini Lokashwaran

“Yes… a resounding yes. Singaporeans are not only funny but creative as well. Someone just superimposed our ERP gantry on a black and white photo of Mars.”

James Teo

“No, we don’t, because our broadsheet Sunday paper’s main focus is how to make money.”

Lim Kay Tong

“I think the older generation are not easy with laughter but the younger generation are.”

Susannah Tan

“No. First they have to learn to smile, or smile back when smiled to.”

Geoffrey Pereira

“They do have a sense of humor but they can’t take a joke directed at them. They get very defensive.”

S Menon

“I don’t understand the Singaporean sense of humour, so to me no they don’t. They seem very black and white.”

James Anderson

“Yes, Singaporeans have a sense of humour as is evidenced by the popularity of humourous shows, the latest being La Cage. The humour ranges from slapstick to subtle ‘digs’ of current events.”

Eliza Quek

“When you laugh they laugh with you, but when you cry, they just look at you.”

Adrin Loi

“They’ve got Singlish. Isn’t that proof enough?”

Lee Swee Kim


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