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2014 • Issue 1

Is Making Resolutions At The New Year A Necessary Ritual?



You don’t have to tell the whole world what you want or don’t want to do.

Valerie Burden



They’re written on my heart…not spoken out but I deliver the results.

Wipaporn Waleesajjakrn





Yes, because New Year is the chance to turn over a page and make plans for a better me.

Laya Janssens



Not necessarily! A resolution should be selfdriven where you can commit to it anytime, not just at the New Year.

Ana Katrina Abaa





Yes, it’s a good reflection of how you would have done things differently and make changes for a better future.

Andy Tan



Yes, it helps the ill disciplined to focus on immediate goals. And, if one has too many resolutions, it helps to prioritise and keep track of each or there is no achievement in the end.

Annette Pau





Yes, if you can keep your resolutions. If you can’t, then no.

Tom Rao



I only make silly resolutions … get the latest hand held Nintendo. Ha ha!

James Tan





It ties in nicely with our natural desire to start things on a clean slate and build towards a better future. Getting started on something is better than not starting at all.

Deva Vellu



The New Year often signals a ‘new start’ so it is often a psychological reset button.

Danesh Daryanani





Annual resolutions are a waste of time to me. People should aim to be decisive, healthy, well-read — or whatever they want — on a daily basis.

Benedict Thambiah



No, because I can’t keep them for a whole year!

Kaoru Zengo





We need to reflect daily! Why wait for a year to decide on something you should be doing NOW!

Aram Pan






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