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2013 • Issue 4

Life Changer



In March 2012, I was diagnosed with an invasive breast cancer. I felt healthy, so I was shocked to hear I had cancer. A double mastectomy was a possibility. I asked about alternatives. The doctor said it was absolutely stupid to think about it because in his 35 years, nobody he knew had survived by going the alternative route. A second surgeon confirmed I had a lobular, spreading cancer and also recommended mastectomy.



My brother, a monk, called and pleaded with me not to do radio therapy and chemotherapy. I didn’t believe in these or mastectomy. Many women who had undergone these treatments had had their breast cancer recur. I did not know if alternative therapies would work but I believed this route would give me a better chance, a better quality of life. I prayed and asked for help.

Cancer isn’t just a physical thing. It’s about our emotions and thoughts, and what we put into our bodies. I researched intensively and gave up meat, tried supplements, juicing,


intravenous vitamin C, and learned to use a healing meditation based on quantum physics. As my diet, lifestyle and thinking changed, I got better. The largest tumour —2cm —disappeared. The smaller two shrank.

The next MRI showed one had shrunk even more and the other became round — malignant tumours are usually spiky. At the checkup after that, the disbelieving doctor found my breast quite normal. Another MRI was inconclusive, but showed no sign of malignant tumours. A biopsy a month later showed no malignant cells! I was so happy I was jumping up and down.

My cancer taught me to manage my fears of death and sickness. I became more cognizant of my actions and the world, and to love myself and people better. I have been led to an inner wisdom that we are much more than just flesh and bone, that we really are of the spirit, beautiful beyond what we can express in words. It’s a beauty that propagates love and trust, with no room for selfishness, bitterness, hate or fear.




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