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2014 • Issue 2

With Head And Heart




While I did my postgraduate studies at the Institute of Clinical Research in Mumbai, I also started managing three clinics a day, criss-crossing Mumbai to work in the slums and shanties in this city of contrasts, and once a week heading into the mountains to run a tribal clinic. After 11 years of this, it was quite a culture shock when the family moved to Singapore. I questioned my purpose here — what am I doing in this seemingly over-privileged society?



While grappling with this, cancer knocked once more. It had taken my father earlier and now it was affecting my mother. I was miles away and unable to help. I was also terrified of cancer. I decided to confront my fear with knowledge. I studied, researched, analysed, thought deeply, and married my over 20 years of clinical knowledge with a deep compassion to come up with my Lifestyle Guidance Plan for cancer patients in my practice. I overcame my helplessness by befriending those affected by cancer and their loved ones by volunteering at Kampung Senang, a Singapore-based charity that aids those with cancer.


These experiences brought me my ‘Eureka’ moment — they expanded my perspective on privilege. True, Singapore seems materially over-privileged, but money could not take away the fear, anxiety, and pain of diseases like cancer, or the helplessness at mental illnesses, multiple sclerosis or autism, anymore than it could lift depression or inoculate against issues like betrayals.

This realisation taught me to look forward to every day as another opportunity to reach out to those suffering with mental or physical illnesses. I am happy to be of such service here and feel like I have arrived at where I should be in my life’s journey.





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