• promising art 01
    2022 • Issue 3
    On the Cover
    A wish to represent Singapore as an artist when she grows up, and a resolution to keep his neighbourhood clean. These are some of the promises made by 50 residents of diverse backgrounds and ages – embodied by an artwork titled 3652 + 50 at the Woodlands South Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station.
  • SGmag-Issue-1-2020-3
    2022 • Issue 3
  • Cheerleader For Diversity 01
    2022 • Issue 3
    Flip Side
    The American Chamber of Commerce CEO shares how Singapore makes her job all too easy, and offers an environment to forge deeper relationships with the wider region.
  • Fighting Financial Fraud 01
    2022 • Issue 3
    10 Questions
    T. Raja Kumar, the first Singaporean head of the global Financial Action Task Force, emphasises the importance of international collaboration in tackling money laundering and terrorism financing.